Add Whey. Cut Grain. Save Big.
Optimize Your Feed Program

What's Our Secret?

We provide a liquid feed ingredient that contains highly digestible energy to support more milk production and improve herd health.



See Why It's Better

Why It's Better

Improves Animal Health
  • Palatable and highly digestible
  • Prevents sorting
  • Does not affect rumen pH
  • Supports rumen bacterial growth
Increases Production
  • Higher milk production
  • More butterfat yield
Boosts Farm Profitability
  • Guaranteed feed cost savings
  • Lower cost than grains (barley and corn)
  • Higher income over feed cost
How It Works

How it works

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What Farmers Are Saying

"The whey helps our TMR stick together which means less sorting. It improves income over feed costs compared to feeding barley. The hassle-free service is a welcome relief. I would never take Whey Permeate out of my rations.”

John Kampman
Gracemar Farms, Chilliwack

"Whey permeate helps my TMR stick together which means less sorting and less rumen upsets."

DR Vaandrager
Lavender Farms, Abbotsford

"Our income over feed cost improved when feeding whey permeate because it is competitively priced and gets results."

Johnn Guliker
Rise ‘N Swine Farms, Abbotsford

"Diverse Feed Solutions gives hassle-free service by managing inventory plus on-call tank and pump maintenance."

Steve Vander Haak
Vander Haak Dairy, Lynden, WA
What's Inside

What's Inside

Packed with nutrients, Whey Permeate benefits your animals and farms.

By adding Whey Permeate to our feed, you optimize your feed program and maximize income over feed cost.

Nutrient %
DM 21.5
CP 2.52
NPN 0.29
CFat 0.05
Lactose 81.66
Ash 10.57
Calcium 0.64
Phosphorus 0.69
Potassium 2.10
Sodium 1.60
Chloride 3.02
Iron, PPM 2.47
Copper, PPM 2.42
Zinc, PPM 13.27
Typical Analysis - DM basis
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About Diverse Feed Solutions

Since becoming a part of Nutriva Group in 2006, Diverse Feed Solutions (formerly Diverse By-Products) has been delivering value to local farmers in the Fraser Valley and Northwest US.

For dairy and hog farmers, we supply a high-quality grain substitute that can help optimize your feed program and the profitability of your farm. Our team of dedicated employees knows the farming industry and what it takes to get the job done. Whether it’s delivering fresh product consistently, installing a new tank and pump, or maintaining accurate inventory levels, DFS drivers and management know what it takes.

Our Team

Ruth Aconley

Logistics & Dispatch Coordinator

Born and raised in England, Ruth lives by the motto: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”  Warm, caring, reliable, organized and fun-loving are just a few of the words that best describe Ruth.

She finds Nutriva a friendly and positive workplace. We think she’s one of the reasons why it is that way. “Toodle Pips Me Lovely” is a favourite phrase of hers. We don’t know what it means but it sure makes us feel good.